Valérie, Coach – Perpignan

What is the current situation during the Corona crisis like for you personally?

he situation due to the corona virus forces me to stay at home and to keep personal contacts to a minimum. I’ve only gone out six times since our state began the containment effort: Twice to pick up my organic fruit and vegetable basket, twice to go shopping, twice to go for a walk.
I have a small garden where I spend a lot of time. My mother and my son are nearby, we play board games and we eat cakes I bake. In the morning I have a routine that includes yoga, gymnastics and meditation, in the afternoon I work on my computer and three evenings a week I offer meditations online.

What are you thankful for in this situation?

I am very grateful for this situation for several reasons: The first is that nature takes over and breathes, as this drastically reduces our footprint. I hope that there is a great awareness of the benefits this brings. The second is that it allows us all to rest, to question ourselves, to meditate, to take care of ourselves, to love ourselves, to discover ourselves and to live differently.

What would you like to do when the crisis is over?

I am looking forward to seeing friends again, friends I haven’t seen for a longer time. Besides, it will be nice to go to a restaurant again, go hiking and visit an exhibition! For our society I wish that we all become aware of our duty to stop over-consuming and to recycle, repair, share and exchange more.

What do you wish for Europe in the long term?

I hope that Europe is committed to the environment in the long term and that it is not a policy but a way of life.