Noémie, Physician – Rouen

What is the current situation during the Corona crisis like for you personally?

Working in the hospital, coronavirus has changed many things in my everyday life. During daytime, I work in the department of Internal Medecine, treating non-coronavirus patient. As visitors are now forbidden in healthcare structures, I see many isolated patients, fighting alone against some serious disease and being even more vulnerable.
Coronavirus is also a source of stress for everyone, especially patients who’re now delaying their visits as much as the before consulting a doctor, and some patient now have advanced disease that should have been treated earlier.
One night a week, I work at the emergency department and we have to deal with many coronavirus patients, with strict isolation and hygiene rules, seeing some severe respiratory distress, working with this virus is sometimes exhausting.

What are you thankful for in this situation?

Solidarity. It’s good to notice that people helping isolated or elderlies’. I’m thankful that people stay at home to help us, the health professionals. Solidarity is the key to get over this crisis.
And also, the gratitude for everybody fighting everyday not only in the hospitals, but also in the supermarkets, retirement houses, factories and so on. Thank you for applauding us every evening.

What would you like to do when the crisis is over?

I really want to see my boyfriend, my family, my parents, my grandparents and my friends again. I am alone during this quarantine, of course I don’t want to the virus to spread. Everyday gets a little more stressfull and I don’t know when I will be able to see my relatives again…

What do you wish for Europe in the long term?

I wish more and more cooperation and coordination in Europe, especially when it comes to the health system. I wish we are being able to share our knowledge, to work together, to product our own medicine and commodities to avoid shortage. I was appreciative when Germany helped us at the beginning of the crisis, admitting some French patient in its intensive care unit, and I want to see more proximity between European countries in the future. Together we can be stronger.