Kamil, Process Coordinator – Poznań

What is the current situation during the Corona crisis like for you personally?

To me, it is an another lesson that our plans, expectations and wishes could be changed within just a single day. And there’s nothing we could do, so little in life seems to be dependent from us.
I’ve been working from home since mid March and I don’t think I’ll return to the office until June.
Many people are losing their job now and everyone is afraid about what the future will bring. My workplace is rather stable because I work for a company who is building medical devices, but in fact you never know…

What are you thankful for in this situation?

That my life has been forced to slow down. Now I have some time to think over about my lifestyle, my life choices and expectations towards myself moving forward.
In my freetime I’m exercising and reading books. Nothing more. Yesterday it was the first day this year when I was cycling. I’ve almost forgotten how I enjoy it.

What would you like to do when the crisis is over?

I just like to return to my regular life. Working from the office, not from home, hanging out. I’ve realized that my life is not so bad, actually it’s quite good.

What do you wish for Europe in the long term?

I wish that all the European countries shall be responsible and take care of each other. We just can’t be divided. The corona crisis is showing up one thing: it is so dramatic to suffer from any illness in loneliness.