Dominika, CEO – Poznań

What is the current situation during the Corona crisis like for you personally?

As I went in my life in many different types of crisis personally and professionally I have the ability to adapt very fast to a new situation. As a business owner and leader of an middle size organizations I have to face often unpredictable and uncomfortable situations such as currently is for everybody global pandemic. I wouldn’t say I am happy in every situation, but thanks to my emotional stability and inner peace it is probably easier for me to face difficulties. As a scientist in economics and business practitioner I specialize in crisis management so naturally I have worked out through last years the skills to manage unpredictable situations.

Though the current problem of social isolation is more challenging for my children, as the lack of contact with their peers is damaging for their psychical wellbeing. My kids feel already overwhelmed by the situation of online schooling, which is demanding specially for the older one and miss very much their classmates. Also for me as a single mother is sometimes not easy to work at home as they need my support with their online platforms and assignments and simply they need more of my presence.
As for my company first few weeks were very demanding for all of us, specially for management team, because we had to change our working model for online and not every team member was prepared for it, nevertheless we don’t stop with our projects and we try to use the situation to the fullest.

What are you thankful for in this situation?

I am usually thankful for something on a daily basis, as attitude of gratitude helps me go through difficulties. And currently in the pandemics I am extremely thankful that I can spend with my children more time, observe them growing and transforming everyday and it makes me very happy as we went together through difficult times and they evolve and developed into a very intelligent and good young humans, which I am enormously proud and happy. They are always my priority in life.
I’m also thankful my parents are in good health and safe in their home. I’m grateful that I was pushed to slow down a little bit with my working pace as I can regenerate my strength and reflect from this point on my life in couple last years of development to see who I became during hard times after divorce, serious health problems, financial problems, companies development and management crises and many other difficulties I faced during last 5 years. It is good time to evaluate and to make a new beginning in a new world we all start to living in.

What would you like to do when the crisis is over?

I would like to take my children on a trip to Dubai we were planning before pandemic and I will continue my life the way it was with some modification. Definitely I will spend more time with my family, foremost my children and I will get more rest as I recognize these days, that my battery was very low and normally I would understand it too late, probably because I am a hardworking person, which puts herself in a far place on the priority list and never giving up on goals means living in constant stress and movement.
I will work more remotely from home as I enjoy this kind of work. It gives me more time for my family and time to simply think as in my office it is hard for me to focus on conceptional ideas and projects. This time gave me also the opportunities to see that not all of things need my engagement and I can resign of some activities which actually distract me from my goals.

What do you wish for Europe in the long term?

As my company operates on labour market as well as in educational field supporting many government institution in Poland, dealing with entrepreneurship development, vocational activization, unemployment and supporting groups which are discriminated in society I deeply feel we need more of that kind of activities concerning social inclusion, equality, new education forms and methods, changing our mentality to more collective one, active social policy, supporting programs for startups and business innovators.
I think now more than ever we need wise leaders who think holistically of Europe as a one system and people who are all different but very much connected. Leaders who have a lot empathy but at the same time high level of responsibility, who understand that they have to constantly develop themselves in order to lead and serve better their organizations, to build healthy work environment as well to give value to their clients and society. We need each other as humans and we need collectively to grow as a society which is responsible, adaptable to the very fast changing unpredictable economical and social environment.