Bernard, Lecturer – Perpignan

What is the current situation during the Corona crisis like for you personally?

Personally, I do’not want to complain about the situation. I do my work as a lecture online. Of course it is more complicated, because I have my 7 year old daughter with me almost all the time and she leaves me free only a short time during the day to work and I have to work mostly at night. I start to be really tired but I am in a favorable situation, my university salary is paid every month when many people have probably financial difficulties.

What are you thankful for in this situation?

I can spend a lot of time with my daughter at the moment, whom I usually see much less often. I have enough space in my apartment. I am grateful for everything I have. In France we are just allowed to go out one hour a day since the corona crisis. I can’t help but think of those in France or elsewhere who are not in such a comfortable situation like me: for example people who live in really small apartments, people who are stuck in their homes alone or people who also experience domestic violence. I think of the elderly and the children, whose parents cannot help with their homework and who find it even more difficult when school starts again. I realize when I think about it: I’m feeling really well.

What would you like to do when the crisis is over?

Nothing in particular, I believe that I will continue as before the crisis and as during the crisis, to thank life for what it brings me and to take care of it as best as possible.

What do you wish for Europe in the long term?

I wish more solidarity between the countries of the European Union, more solidarity within the countries and more solidarity with migrants – just equal opportunities for all people. We should strive more for intercultural exchange. The economy should serve the ecology and the social and not the financial enrichment of fewer people.
We are currently seeing that by restricting mobility and consumption, people pose a lower burden on the planet and thus give other living beings more space. Politicians should promote this development and not be guided too much by economic interests.