Dominika, CEO – Poznań

“My kids feel overwhelmed by the situation of online schooling, which is demanding specially for the older one and miss very much their classmates. Also for me as a single mother is sometimes not easy to work at home as they need my support with their online platforms and assignments and simply they need more of my presence.” [more]

Bernard, Lecturer – Perpignan

“I wish more solidarity between the countries of the European Union, more solidarity within the countries and more solidarity with migrants – just equal opportunities for all people. We should strive more for intercultural exchange. The economy should serve the ecology and the social and not the financial enrichment of fewer people.” [more]

Noémie, Physician – Rouen

I wish more and more cooperation and coordination in Europe, especially when it comes to the health system. I wish we are being able to share our knowledge, to work together, to product our own medicine and commodities to avoid shortage. I was appreciative when Germany helped us at the beginning of the crisis. Together we can be stronger. [more]

Rosemitha, Student – Rouen

“I would like the collaboration between European countries to continue and be strengthened. Meeting different cultures, traveling across European countries, working elsewhere more easily are things that the European Union is offering us, and I hope that future generations can enjoy them as we do now.” [more]

Kamil, Process Coordinator – Poznań

“I just like to return to my regular life. I’ve realized that my life is not so bad, actually it’s quite good.
I wish that all the European countries shall be responsible and take care of each other. We just can’t be divided. The corona crisis is showing up one thing: it is so dramatic to suffer from any illness in loneliness.” [more]

Rosie, Artist – Bristol

“For me Europe represents freedom of movement, unity and adventure, all things that as a British person I was afraid of losing anyway due to Brexit, but with the added concern of how the Coronavirus outbreak could affect these important parts of European culture and commerce. I myself hope to hop in my mini van and visit Hanover again soon.” [more]

Jordan, Student – Bristol

“In this situation I’m very grateful for my girlfriend, my friends who I live with and the flat we live in, we all feel very blessed to be here. We are all enjoying the quarantine so far, we’ve just been painting, drawing, reading and enjoying the slow pace. My friends are all out of work which sucks.” [more]

Valérie, Coach – Perpignan

“I am looking forward to seeing friends again, friends I haven’t seen for a longer time. Besides, it will be nice to go to a restaurant again, go hiking and visit an exhibition! For our society I wish that we all become aware of our duty to stop over-consuming and to recycle, repair, share and exchange more.” [more]

The Twin Cities of Hanover

“Town twinning and international projects provide personal contacts and intercultural competence. The mutual exchange, shared experience, trust and networks strengthen people in the municipalities in dealing with the challenges of the 21st century.” [more]